Grandma’s Idols – And Then There Were Nine

Posted on March 30, 2011 7:48 pm under American Idol
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A replay of Casey’s dramatic save opened the show. Elton John songs will be featured this week, when two Idols will be going home.

An Entertainment Weekly makeover is featured with clips of each Idol’s transformation shown throughout the show. I gather that Ryan got dragged along, as he showed up with a new hair style. It aged him by ten years with a bad coverup of a receding hairline. Hope this one grows out fast.

Scotty leads with Country Comfort. He does it proud and makes his Grandma proud as he acknowledges her during his performance. When he finished with two notes that went from an incredible high to his incredible low, the crowd went wild. I was right there with them and so were the judges.

Naima sings I’m Still Standing giving it a reggae twist. Jennifer said she didn’t feel that was a good choice for the tune. Randy echoed her and was even more negative. Steven congratulated her for choosing a song that fit her. It was a different twist, but I must say that I enjoyed it. Naima is a fun and often surprising performer. I look forward to seeing what she will come up with each week.

I was excited to hear that Paul will sing Rocket Man. Then disappointed in the actual performance. I’m still trying to put my finger on just why. The judges felt he was holding back a bit and perhaps that was it. Regardless, I really want to see more of him.

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me is Pia’s choice. She notes that against last week’s advice, she was singing another ballad. Nobody was complaining when she finished. Her voice is spectacular and when I close my eyes, I can float on it. When I open them, I’m not as enamored. She’s a pretty girl, but there is something very flat about her performance.

Stefano’s Tiny Dancer seemed thin and reedy throughout most of the song. They judges gave him positive feedback, but my enthusiasm was indeed tiny.

Lauren is up next with Candle In The Wind. I usually enjoy her peppy songs, but this was a performance of a much high caliber. She displayed far more range and vocal control than we’ve heard in the past and her perfomrance is quietly gripping. She has no business in the bottom three this week. Hope America sees it that way too.

James chooses Saturday Night’s Alright. I always enjoy his energetic performances and this was no exception. It wasn’t my favorite though. He moved so much and so quickly that the cameras frequently seemed to be one step behind him. He got rave reviews from the judges and I’m giving him extra credit for effortless singing while engaged in serious aerobic exercise.

I love Daniel, but I’m skeptical when I learn that it is Thia’s choice. The song needs emotional depth and that has not been her forte. She did quite well with it and infused it with more emotion than any of her previous performances. Still, I wished they had let her season for a couple more years before bringing her to the AI stage.

For emotional content, Casey took the night with Your Song. So beautiful and so tenderly rendered that it brought tears to my eyes. If anyone questioned his save last week, they shouldn’t now.

Jacob sings Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. His voice was as beautiful as ever and he dialed back his sometimes overdone performance. I had a hard time connecting emotionally, which should have been easy with this song. Calico commented on some odd facial expressions that seemed out of sync with the words. Maybe that was it.

Haley closed the show with a smashing performance of Benny and The Jets. This was the Haley that I first fell in love with. Randy dubbed it the performance of the night.

Casey, Haley, Scotty and Lauren were my favorites tonight. At the other end were Stefano, Jacob and Pia. I’m not saying that’s America’s bottom three. But it is Grandma’s. If I’m guessing what America will do, its Stefano, Paul and Naima. We’ll find out tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Grandma’s Idols – And Then There Were Nine”

  1. MorningAJ (Jobbing Writer) Says:

    I’m not a watcher. (I’m not in the US for a start) But even when the UK version is on I don’t watch it. Not sure why. I don’t really do reality TV at all.

    Sounds like you love it though. So enjoy!

  2. SparkleFarkle Says:

    I agree with your bottom threesome: Stefano, Paul and Naima, all of which are my least favourites to begin with. When the ax falls twice, I bet Paul McDonald will be the only one coming up roses (<–Figuratively and literally: the suit, remember?! Lol!) The guy is just weird enough to be bejesus-mezmerize the votes out of viewers, to keep him in for a few more shows. (God, I hope people don’t actually go Hyp-MO-tize crazy and make him the next idol!)