Grandma’s Idols – Then There Were Nine Results

Posted on March 31, 2011 7:41 pm under American Idol
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The big news first. Ryan’s hairstyle has been revamped. Not great, but better than last night’s receding horror. The damage has been done, however. Grandma will never look at that hair the same way again and mourns the loss of cute little Ryan.

Scotty and Lauren begin with a duet, I Told You So. It is followed by their results. Hardly a surprise that both are safe.

Ashford and Simpson’s Solid is sung by Jacob and Naima. Based on that performance, Grandma would send both of them home. But Jacob is sent to safety and Naima to the bottom three.

Fantasia performs her new single Collard Greens and Corn Bread. Grandma is not fond of collard greens, ditto for Fantasia. Her voice has always had a tendency to grate on me. She’s best when she is more natural, like her Season 3 performance of Summertime. Natural would be a big improvement on her dress and makeup as well – so bad that they distract from the song.

Katie Perry’s Teenage Dream is performed by Haley, Pia and Thia Megia. Try saying those names together. The dream is a nightmare. Haley’s rebound was blemished by tonight’s pitch problems and Pia is going to look out of place in anything named Teenage. Thia looks insipid and childish. Pia and Haley are declared safe. Grandma is not unhappy to see Thia banished to Bottom Three Land.

James, Casey, Paul and Stefano do their informal boy band performance of Band On The Run. I love these guys, but this looks as unrehearsed as most of the numbers this evening. Whoever arranged the quick switch between Casey’s voice and Paul’s should be fired. It wasn’t pretty. Casey is safe and James quickly follows him. I’m praying that Paul is safe, but he is not. Stefano heads back to safety amidst loud boos from Grandma.

Naima, Thia and Paul will have to wait as we endure more fast forward entertainment.

Paul is declared safe. That pleases me, but I’m going to miss Naima. She and Thia have their Don’t You Forget About Me moment and the show is over. That’s it until next week.


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  1. Akelamalu Says:

    I’m presuming this is a TV programme (something Idol) you’re reviewing Grandma? As I don’t know I’ll take your word for it re the hairstyles and the performances. :)

    See you Monday for Succinctly Yours. :)