Grandma’s Idols – Top Eleven Results

Posted on March 24, 2011 7:55 pm under American Idol, General
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Idol medley and Stevie Wonder provide a rousing start to the show, as Signed, Sealed & Delivered is followed by Stevie singing Happy Birthday to Steven Tyler.

Following the Ford video, Ryan calls Scotty, Pia and Lauren to center stage and quickly announces that they’ll all be packing their bags – in a few months for the summer tour, that is. They looked relieved, but it was hardly a surprise.

Sugerland performs Stuck Like Glue, a toe tapping number that breaks the tension for a couple minutes. Calico is not fond of this one, Grandma didn’t mind as much although it got a bit repetitious.

More entertaining were the Idols faking a wrestling match. It’s followed by Paul and James being called down. Ryan announces that neither one is safe. Quickly followed by Hulk Hogan making a personal appearance and announcing that they are, but Ryan isn’t. He pushes Ryan off stage, roars and bears his chest. Wow. All the fake wrestling drama plus results. Jacob, Thia and Stephano are next and only Jacob makes it back to safety.

Casey, Haley and Naima are up. I’d be mighty surprised if Haley isn’t the third musketeer in the bottom trio… And I am. Naima is sent to safety first and Haley is also safe. The crowd isn’t happy and the look on Naima’s face speaks more words than I can put in this blog. Disgust seemed predominant.

So Thia, Stepahno and Casey are in the bottom three.

A break as Jennifer Hudson performs “Where You At” and provides a reminder that winning Idol is not always the ticket to fame.

Ryan will send one contestant back to safety. The crowd is chanting Casey, but Thia returns to the couch. Ryan announces that Stephano is safe and Casey will sing for his life. Doesn’t seem as if anyone is happy with that announcement, although Stephano must have been breathing a silent sigh of relief.

Casey sings two lines, Randy stops him and announces that he has the judges’ save. He is speechless and shaken. I’m worried for a minute that he will collapse on stage. Everyone is ecstatic and Ryan puts the cherry on the sundae by announcing that all eleven will go on tour.


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