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Glimmers – A Sacred Bond

Posted on March 24, 2011 1:35 pm under Story Ideas
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     She exhaled as Ray backed out of the driveway with his three small passengers.  They had waited at the window  with uncharacteristic patience and clung to him when he’d walked through the door.  He had held them close and smiled though his eyes were wet.  They should be with him.  She wasn’t cut out for motherhood.  She had voiced that thought to Fran and Kate.

     “Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Single parenting takes some adjustment.  At least you have your home and those hefty support checks.  Don’t underestimate them.  If you think you lack freedom now, try adding a job to the mix.”

     “You’d miss them before they were gone two minutes, Gloria.”  Kate nodded at her identical twins.  “I’m always praying for a free moment, but give me an hour alone at the mall and I end up shopping for them.”

     She had even said it to Ray.

     “Be reasonable, Gloria.  I can’t work these hours and raise the children too.  Enjoy them.  They’ll be grown before you know it.”

     Before she knew it?  They hadn’t even started school.  She automatically picked up scattered toys and retrieved a load of clothes from the dryer.  This was no way to spend her few short hours of freedom.  She grabbed her purse and raced for the door.

     She drove aimlessly, miles passing in a volley of memories.  Reclusive days in her studio as the novel took form.  Hours spent in coffee shop conversations.  Sultry nights that ended in wine-drenched partnering.  It had been the life she loved, the life she should still be living.  Crossing the state border, she realized that the decision was already made.  She wouldn’t go back to a life that wasn’t hers.

     Ray would be upset, but he’d manage.  His parents would gladly help with the children.  It would be better for them too.  She was a lousy mother with an unpredictable temper.  How often had her outbreaks filled them with sadness and confusion?  It needed to end.  They would miss her for a while, but they were young.  She’d make a clean break and soon they would forget.

     How many miles had she driven without conscious thought?  Their faces travelled with her.  Chubby arms and legs.  Squeals of laughter.  Dandelion love offerings.  Sweet, sticky kisses.  The car slowed and turned.

     The urge to hold them grew and she drove without stopping.  The sky was dusky as she turned onto their street.  Gray mist seeped into her soul and the street narrowed, its houses forming impenetrable walls.  In seconds the trap would snap and she would never escape.  How could she leave them?  How could she stay?  Ray’s car was in the drive and  light came through the windows.   Dual needs clawed her heart and she struggled for breath.  Her love for them prevailed.  Vision blurred as she drove by and headed west once more.


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Grandma’s Idols – The Top 11

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This week will decide which ten contestants will make the summer tour. The choice will be made as the Idols sing Motown.

Casey is up first with I Heard It Through The Grapevine. I can’t fault his singing, but it seemed a bit too rehearsed and devoid of much of his usual charm. That’s just me though. The crowd and the judges loved it.

Thia follows Casey. She chose Heat Wave – a far throw from her normal ballad. A bit shy on emotional content, but by far her best performance.

You’re All I Need To Get By is Jacob’s choice. Awesome describes his performance which ended with a spontaneous hug from Steven and rave reviews. Followed by hugs from his Grandma and the rest of the contestants. If he sings like that every week, nothing can stop him.

Lauren sings “You Keep Me Hanging On”. It was a bit hard to judge after hearing Jacob, but she did a really good job and good reviews from the judges. She was looking good too. Obviously AI has been giving her a bit of a makeover.

Stefano’s choice is “Hello”. I never hear this without thinking of David Cook. Evidently Ryan was thinking of him too and mentioned it. I wouldn’t have wanted that as an intro. The notes were perfect, but it really lacked emotional content. That’s not just me. All the judges called him on it.

Have to approve of Haley’s song choice, You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me. It was undoubtedly her best performance in quite a while. The opening notes weren’t right on, but she quickly relaxed into the song. It’s what I first heard in her voice and I hope she can continue to bring it.

Motown went country as Scotty sang For Once In My Life. As Randy noted, it wasn’t his best performance, but the judges still loved it. I loved it too and Grandma’s heart was fluttering when he smiled and sang those last notes.

Pia’s All In Love Is Fair was beautiful, but still her usual ballad. I’d hoped for something else with Motown. Randy called her on that and Jennifer urged her to add some performance.

Paul chose The Tracks Of My Tears. As usual, I loved his singing. And in a surprise move, he plays his guitars and it curbs the endless shuffle that I’d come to hate. All the judges enjoyed it and commented on his distinct voice. Grandma would buy an album by him any day.

Naima’s performance of Dancing In The Street held me captive until near the end when she abruptly stopped and began to dance. When the dancing was over, the song was pretty much done too. The dancing could have been removed, leaving a great performance. I guess the judges didn’t mind, as she got nothing but enthusiastic reviews. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the rest and would like her to continue.

James closed the show and brought the house down with Living For The City. What a way go go.

Who will America vote out? Hard to say. Grandma’s bottom three were Stefano, Haley and Pia. I’m guessing that Haley is the one who won’t be back, although her performance was much improved tonight. Case of too little, too late.


2011 Weekend Writer’s Retreat #11

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Weekend Writer's Retreat

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Weekend Writer's Retreat

Grandma’s Idols – Top 12 Results

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The usual opening with a Top 12 medley and the Ford ad. Uneventful except for a microphone error that cut the start of Jacob’s solo lines. An addition was a plea for supporting Japan.

We learned a few new things about the idols. Scotty can wiggle his ears and Lauren claims her dog can sing.

Down to business. Jacob, Casey and Lauren are up first. Jacob is sent to couch safety and is quickly followed by Lauren and Casey.

Haley and Paul are called down. Paul’s voice is much less hoarse tonight. It didn’t hamper the outcome. He heads back to the couch and Haley is in the bottom three.

A momentary break in the suspense, while Lee Dewise performs. I like his voice, but this number is pretty much a lullaby.

Scotty, Pia and James are up and back to safety in seconds.

Stephano and Naima have their turn. Doubted that this was good for Naima and it wasn’t.

Karen and Thia are next. I’d predicted Thia in the bottom yesterday, but I’d forgotten about Karen. Take that for what it’s worth. Worth something I guess, as Thia heads to safety, leaving Haley, Naima and Karen in the bottom three.

A number by the Black Eyed Peas provides a short break in the results tension. Grandma could have easily skipped it.

Back to the results. Naima is safe. So is Haley. She returns to the couch amid boos from the audience. Karen sings for life with Hero. A few bad notes and the show is over. Steven seemed visibly upset and Randy said the vote had not been unanimous. Even if she had been stellar, it’s really too early in the season for a save. So we’re down to eleven.


Grandma’s Idols – Top12

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Contestants will sing a song from the year of their birth this week.

Naima was up first with Tina Turner’s 1984 hit , What’s Love Got To Do With It. I love the song, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. Both Jeniifer and Randy called her on being pitchy. I can’t argue.

Paul’s another 1984 baby. He chose Elton John’s I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues. Has a cold and his voice was very hoarse tonight, but he made it through. I enjoyed the performance despite that. Any complaints? Same as the previous week, I don’t like they way he moves. Steven loves his movement, so maybe it’s just me.

Thia’s song came from 1995. Colors of the Wind by Vanessa Williams was her choice. Talk about young. Maybe that’s why her performance seems to lack emotional connection. I can’t deny she has a beautiful voice though. The judges were less than ecstatic about the performance.

James was the fourth contestant Bon Jovi’s 1984 hit, I’ll Be There for You was his choice. His entusiasm just grabbed me and took me on the trip. I loved it and I wasn’t alone. The judges and the crowd went wild. Steven said he had a “rich vein of inner crazy”.

Haley’s next. A 1990 hit by Whitney Houston, I’m Your Baby Tonight. She wasn’t mine, that’s for sure. Very disappointing performance. Seemed a bit forced and shouty. Steven’s comments were the kindest, but none of the judges were loving it.

Stefano, a 1989 child, was next. If You Don’t Know Me By Now by Simply Red was his choice. Randy called it “the best performance of the night”. I enjoyed it a lot, although I wouldn’t go that far. Right, James?

Pia sang Whitney Houston’s Where Do Broken Heart’s Go(1988). A beautiful performance. She’s outrunning the girls and giving the guys a challenge too.

Scotty, the kid who makes me love country, is up next. He’s singning Travis Tritt’s 1993 number, Can I Trust You With My Heart. He worked his magic again tonight for me and everyone else. Hard to believe he’s so young.

Karen’s choice came from 1989. She chose Love Will Lead You Back. It was pretty, but I’ve seen her do better. Still, as Randy noted, it was better than last week.

Ryan announces that Casey will follow with a Nirvana song. He’s doing the 1991 number, Seems Like Teen Spirit. Grandma, of course, has never heard of it. Not at all what I would expect from him, but I enjoyed this different side. Jennifer likes his other music better and thought it was shouted at some points. Randy, once he finished talking about himself, said he liked that Casey took a risk.

Lauren is sick with flu. Born in 1994, she sings Melissa Etheridge’s I’m The Only One. Illness didn’t get in the way of her performance. She should be back next week without a problem.

James has the final position. I’m hoping to see a performance more natural than last week. His 1987 choice is Alone by Heart. That’s a favorite of mine and I loved the performance. Randy noticed pitchiness in one spot, but I didn’t. His performance was engaging.

And who will be in the bottom? Grandma’s predicting an all girl lineup: Haley, Thia and Naomi.

Back tomorrow.