Grandma’s Idols – The Top Six

Posted on April 27, 2011 7:34 pm under American Idol
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Ryan announces that the Idols will be singing Carole King songs. This week, there will be both a solo and a duet performance. They start with the solos.

Up first is Jacob, who chooses Oh No Not My Baby. The performance had a frantic quality to it, which is probably reflective of how the diva is feeling at the minute. Oh wait, if he goes home it’s America’s fault. Right, Jacob? After the performance he says he thinks he’s done what the judges wanted. I just want him to go home.

Lauren solos with Where You Lead. The judges have encouraged her to push a bit more and I thought that she did. She had a lot more connection with the audience, including a small flirtation with a young man during the performance. Cute, but doubtful that it was unrehearsed.

Haley and Casey are the first duo and sing I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet. Despite the reservations I have about the Idol duets, I really enjoyed this one. They work well together and Haley shines. Casey’s performance was better than I’ve seen from him lately. Hope he does as well in his solo.

Scotty’s choice is You’ve Got A Friend. There were a couple spots where I didn’t love the arrangement, but I always loved Scotty. He got rave reviews from the judges and from Grandma too.

Ryan breaks for a commercial, promising we’ll return to see the softer side of James. Indeed we do, as he performs Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. He begins a capella and transitions into his guitar accompaniment. Another riveting performance that explores more facets of his talent. The crowd loved it and so did the judges with Randy predicting that James will win. No kidding, Randy. If America has any sense at all, he will. Unlike Jacob, he is far too modest to say that.

Lauren and Scotty sing Up On The Roof. Another pretty duo. Scotty was perfection and Lauren’s voice was sweet, but she needs to work on her performance. At the tender ending, Scotty turns and sings to her. Lauren is staring straight ahead, as if she has no idea that he is there. Not exactly the tender moment that it should have been.

Casey’s solo is Hi De Ho. It wasn’t bad, but it seemed a bit over-performed. The judges loved it, but I would enjoy seeing him relax, sing and leave the facial expressions behind.

Haley solos with Beautiful. And it was. Haley has a great sense of herself and in turn, so does her audience. The accompaniment was a bit too loud in places, but for most of the song, she rose above it. Her voice was at its best and her performance and connection were excellent. Lauren could take some lessons from her.

James and Jacob finish with I’m Into Something Good. Fun performance as they fought for Jennifer’s attention. James shone as always. I don’t think that Jacob wasn’t hurt by the association, although James’ performance is so natural and enthusiastic that Jacob seems stilted in comparison.

Picks for the bottom: Jacob, Lauren and Casey.

That leaves James, Scotty and Haley safe, if Grandma has her way. But we’ll have to wait and see tomorrow.


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