Grandma’s Idols – Down to Five

Posted on April 28, 2011 8:25 pm under American Idol
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An acknowledgement of the royal wedding and the Idols try out their best British accents. That was cute. Wish I could say the same for the group number that followed. It smoothed out some towards the end, but it was never pretty. Even Grandma’s do-no-wrong James had an off key moment. Moving right along.

Last season’s runner-up, Crystal Bowersox, was back to perform Riding With The Radio. I’ve always enjoyed Crystal and I was sorely disappointed that she didn’t win. I enjoyed seeing her again, although her performance was just a bit too polished. I always loved the authenticity of her songs and found that missing. Still, it was good to see her on the stage once more.

Haley is first to get the results. She is quickly sent back to safety.

Scotty follows and is sent back to the couch without getting his results. Lauren follows and gets the same treatment. Maybe this is a tactic to raise tension, but annoyance is all that’s roused here. Casey is called down and heads back without his results. Surprise? Not.

James is called down and I sit mesmerized at clips of his performance last night. He does get his results. You even have to ask? Of course he is safe.

Jacob follows. Then Lauren, Casey and Scotty are called down to join him. Lauren is returned to safety quickly.

Pause for Bruno Mars and The Lazy Song. Not awful, just forgettable. Time to return to the real business of the evening. Oh yeah – right after the break.

Now I’m wishing that the break had lasted longer. Jacob is sent back to safety. What?

Casey and Scotty are left facing elimination and there’s no way that Scotty has been voted off.

Clip of Casey and a final song, so natural and enthusiastic that it brought tears to my eyes. Calico and I look at each other and say “He wouldn’t be going home, if he’d sung like that last night.” Even so, he deserved to stay. Grandma is going to go pout now. ‘Til next week.


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