The Inheritance #1 – The Burial

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“That hypocritical  bi …”

Kathleen had probably elbowed him, although he was only voicing the sentiments of all her siblings.  Though Jerry had spoken softly, his voice was loud enough to be heard clearly around the hushed gravesite.  There were a couple of soft gasps amongst the townsfolk, but curiosity prevailed.  Kelly kept her head bent, grateful for her black veil,  and remained at the grave for another minute before walking with calm dignity towards the limo.  Keep it together for two more hours.  Attend the luncheon in the church hall and be gracious.  Hold your head up and don’t let them get to you.    Head down would have been better, she thought a moment later, as her heel slipped into a small hole and she sailed towards a tombstone.

Strong arms came out of nowhere, stopping her flight and returning her to a vertical position.

“Are you okay, Kelly?”

Did she know him?  He was about her age, probably a former classmate.  She struggled to place him.

“Harry Temple.  I was a year ahead of you in high school.”

Hairless Harry? She remembered the scrawny pimple-faced kid, who had graduated without ever having to shave, but she couldn’t reconcile him with the well groomed man who was still supporting  her.  Obviously he had outgrown the facial hair problem.  Her embarrassment was complete when he followed her gaze and stroked his trim goatee.

“A reaction to all the teasing.  Fifteen years later, I still have to prove that Hairless Harry has something he could shave.”

“It’s nice to see you again, Harry.”  She wanted to shake his hand and move on.  Anything to regain her dignity.   Unfortunately, the lost shoe was beyond her reach.  Maybe she could limp over to it, but she’d never get it back on without support.

“Just lean against me and slip off that heel.  Once you’re able to stand on your own, I’ll retrieve the other shoe.”

She did as he suggested.  When he returned with the other heel, she balanced against him again as she put them  on.

“Let me walk you to the car, Kelly.  I wouldn’t want that to happen again.”

He had a point.  The rest of the family was approaching and she didn’t need to see them tittering over her predicament.  She took his arm and they started to walk.

“How long will you be in town, Kelly?”

“I have a flight out tomorrow evening.”

“Could you meet me for lunch tomorrow?  That will give us some time to talk.”

Not the most persuasive invitation she’d ever received.  Still, hurting his feelings would be poor repayment for his kindness.  She tried to appear pleased.

“It’s so nice of you to ask, Harry, but I’m already in a relationship.”

“I meant to discuss your grandfather’s will, Kelly.  Sorry, I thought you knew that I was his lawyer.”

Her embarrassment meter shot past full.

“If you came to my office at noon, we could talk and have lunch brought in.  It’s a busy day and that’s the only free time I have.”

“I can do that.  I’m surprised though.  He hardly had enough to warrant a will.”

“Many of those without substantial riches have one.  The lack of one can cause a lot of discord among family members.”   It was his turn to blush as he recalled Jerry’s comment.

They reached the limo without further conversation.  He handed her a business card as the driver opened the door.  She took the card and quickly climbed into the car, barely mumbling a goodbye.

“You’re going to the church reception, Miss?”

It was suddenly too much.  “No, please take me back to the hotel.”


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5 Responses to “The Inheritance #1 – The Burial”

  1. Pooch Says:

    This interaction between Harry and Kelly is so revealing while raising significant curiosity, as well. She is definitely flustered, apparently for more than one reason. I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Altonian Says:

    This is a really interesting, opening tempter. I’m pleased it is to be continued; looking forward to reading on.

  3. Sheilagh Lee Says:

    great story I’m sure the rest will be just as engaging and interesting

  4. ThomG Says:

    A tempting tease to something I’m looking forward to continuing.

  5. Lisa Says:

    I enjoyed the first installment. I look forward to reading more.