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Despondent over the loss of his beloved wife, Jed Harrington jumps to his death from the roof of his corporate office building.

Seven years later, tight finances force unpublished mystery writer, Liza Kenton, to seek work in Harrington Industries’ secretarial pool.

Coworkers show her the ropes and provide some strong advice. “Never work after dark.” Two employees have vanished in the last year. Although there is no evidence they were abducted from company property, both disappeared after working late. The secretaries are convinced that Jed’s ghost is responsible.

Liza sees an opportunity to solve a real mystery while earning overtime pay. On a wintery January evening, she treks across the deserted parking lot towards her snow-covered car. As wind engulfs her in a snow spiral, a voice calls out.


The compelling voice draws her towards the lot’s wooded edge and the answers that lay beyond it.



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6 Responses to “Beloved”

  1. Lisa Ricard Claro Says:

    Nicely done. I like that your main character is a mystery writer down on her luck; she has a vested interest in anything that qualifies as a “mystery” and explains why she’s willing to put herself in exactly those situations she been told to avoid. The supernatural aspect is compelling, too. What is she going to find? She’s braver than I am, which is why I’d read this book!

  2. Jenners Says:

    I KNEW there was a good reason I never work overtime!

  3. Kay Davies Says:

    Very interesting book blurb. I’d read it (even though I used to work a lot of overtime).
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Susan Says:

    Oh, I really like this! You had me going from beginning to end-this is one that you really should finish!

  5. Sandra Davies Says:

    Too many scary ingredients for me to face this one – as Lisa says, plausible heroine in your Liza …

  6. jabblog uk Says:

    Liza’s a brave woman – I guess she’s going to have danger and threats to deal with . . .