Gramdma’s Idols – Three Left Standing

Posted on May 12, 2011 7:46 pm under American Idol
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Recap of last night, including the Haley bashings. Scotty and James sing Start A Band. It was cute and more fun than most of the group numbers. I wish I could say the same for Gunpowder and Lead, Lauren and Haley’s duo. Not terrible, but seeing the two together really highlights the skills that Haley possesses and Lauren lacks. After last night’s Trouble, you’d think they’d steer clear of songs where Lauren should act tough.

A clip of the Idols visiting with family on their laptops, courtesy of Windows7 is next. It’s sweet, but I’m hankering for the results.

Ryan starts the results with all four Idols on stage and quickly announces that Lauren is safe. Suddenly, I want to go back to the Windows clip and start over. I have a lot of fun with Idol and rarely get too upset with the results. Nevertheless, I am saddened to hear Lauren be the first announced as safe. She doesn’t belong there and I don’t think she has the emotional maturity to handle it anyway. And, of course, it means that one of the others will be going home. I feel like the show is over before it has hardly started.

Clip of Lady Gaga performing You and I. As Enrique Iglesias performs, I sit and reflect on Haley’s performance of that same number. I don’t think Gaga’s performance had anything better to offer. I have a sinking feeling that Haley will be the one leaving tonight and I’m angry at AI for engineering it.

The inevitable Ford video, is followed by a Jordin Sparks performance of her new number, I Am Woman. I still love Jordin’s voice, but wonder why all the theatrics are necessary. They detract far more than they add to her performance. Guess Grandma’s age is showing again.

Results are postponed a bit longer as we watch Steven’s new video, It Feels So Good. I enjoy it a lot more when I turn my head away from the TV and just listen. Oops, Grandma is showing her age again.

Grandma quits blogging and sits with her mouth hanging, when Haley is announced safe. Sure, I wanted her to go through, but I can already see what will happen.

James knows it too. In a few seconds, Scotty is declared safe and James is singing Maybe I’m Amazed. He is not the only one with tears streaming down his cheeks.

May he go the way of Chris Daughtry.


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  1. SparkleFarkle Says:

    You’re right. Lauren should have been the one heading home. Poor James. He was robbed. I hope he catches the same train as Chris Daughtry: fast tracks to the musical stardom he deserves!