Grandma’s Idols – The Top Four

Posted on May 11, 2011 7:37 pm under American Idol
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For tonight’s first round, the Idols are singing songs that inspire them.

James is first singing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. He is hot. So is his vocal. Okay, Grandma will remember her age and dignity(?). The judges raved, including Steven, whose rave was bleeped a couple times. James felt he wasn’t at his top last week and said he’d resolved to do better this week. Last week needed no apologies, but this was awesome.

Haley belts out a powerful Earth Song (Michael Jackson). I thought it was a hair raising moment. The crowd roared. Jennifer proceeded to put it down. Randy followed suit, just louder, longer and wronger, while the audience expressed their displeasure. Steven defended her and Haley defended herself. Others have noted that the AI powers want her to go. That is very believable tonight. I hope that America gets behind her.

Ryan interviews Scotty, who says he will kiss the grass, if he get’s to do the homecoming. He follows with Alan Jackson’s Where Were You. It is nicely done and pure Scotty. Still I didn’t think it had anything over Haley’s performance. The judges had nothing bad to say about it.

Lauren sings a “pitchy” Anyway (Martina McBride). The judges rave about its perfection.

Ryan calls all the Idols back out on stage and asks the judges who won round one. Steven seemed to abstain from this one, but Jennifer indicated that everyone but Haley had rave performances. Randy stated that it was a tie between James, Scotty and Lauren. I think we can put to rest any theories about a conspiracy against Haley. Consider it confirmed.

On to the second round. Lady Gaga is this week’s mentor.

They’ve changed the order and Haley is up first. She hasn’t let the judges beat her down. I Who Have Nothing is an incredible performance. The judges stand, applaud and proceed to take credit for it. I can only guess that the producers felt they overdid the critique on the first number. While the reviews were positive, the undercurrent was that she doesn’t give her best unless they criticize her. I haven’t changed my mind about a conspiracy.

Young Blood by the Coasters is Scotty’s second choice. It was a very fun number, but I guess I’d never attend a Scotty concert. That’s probably a personal bias, I’m not a big fan of country, but I find him wearing a bit thin, when I hear two performances close together. Spare Grandma the boos. I think he’s cute and talented and sincerely doubt he’s going anywhere. The judges are behind him and I suspect that America is too.

lauren’s second is Elvis Presley’s Trouble. The vocal is better than the performing. Lauren tries to look a bit evil, but she can’t hold the pose and her smile keeps slipping through. Calico comments that Haley would be able to carry it off. Right on, Calico. Back to Lauren. The judges loved it. Why am I not surprised?

James chooses Love Potion Number Nine for his second round. I’ve never heard it sung like that, but I’ll be playing it back to listen again. His voice is a pleasure to listen to and his timing is impeccable. He got rave reviews and well he should.

Now it’s down to the voting. I’m putting Lauren in the bottom and James and Haley at the top. Will America see it that way? We’ll find out tomorrow.


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