Grandma’s Idols – Two Left Standing

Posted on May 19, 2011 7:35 pm under American Idol
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Clip of Idols seeing bits of Super 8 and receiving cameras to film their hometown visits.

Haley’s homecoming is first. For a minute, it appears that nobody is there to see her. An empty plane is followed by empty streets. Finally she is surrounded by a cheering crowd. With all the Haley bashing, it has me worried.

The requisite Ford video is followed by Il Volo, whose beautiful voices are totally incongruous with faces that look ready to sing Grease.

Scotty’s homecoming is next. He cries like a baby after a visit to his high school. Oh yes, he is a baby. Listening to his deep voice, it can be easy to forget that.

Nicole Scherzinger performs Right There. I assume she sang the whole thing – Calico hit the fast forward and I made no move to stop her. Hopefully we’ll be moving to results and spared further entertainment.

Wait. Lauren’s homecoming is next. In addition to the cheering crowd, it contains some heartbreaking photos of recent tornado damage. Lauren performs for the crowd and her emotion transforms the song in a way I’ve never seen on the AI stage.

Ryan promises results – after the break. When it comes, I know that the AI season has ended for me. Scotty is declared safe first, leaving Lauren and Haley. Lauren joins Scotty and Haley is out.

Haley goes out in style and in a maneuver I’ve never seen at AI, she leaves the stage and finishes her song down with the crowd. She doesn’t return to the AI stage, leaving the cameras in a bit of a dilemma. In the end they stay on her until the last few seconds. I have no doubt that she planned to do it. Way to go, Haley.


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  1. J-mie Says:

    AI Season has ended for me as well. I am not sure if I am excited to see who wins this season. All my bets were ousted. :(