The Inheritance #7 – Grounds

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Sunlight streamed through the windows making patterns on the oak floor and chasing the early morning chill from the room. Kelly sat at the long wood table, sipping coffee from a heavy white mug, grateful that her grandfather had let her purchase a coffeemaker. Her grandmother had produced delicious coffee from the old percolator, but it was a skill that no one else had mastered. The new coffeemaker looked out of place in the kitchen, which had seen few changes since its restoration over fifty years earlier. In truth, it had not needed them. Emma and Ned Conley had been frugal people, but they had not skimped on quality. Kelly had tried to gift a coffeemaker, while Emma was still alive. She had searched and found one that mimicked her grandmother’s percolator. She’d shown her a picture, but Emma had shaken her head.

“I like old things”, she’d murmured.

“It looks almost like your percolator, Gran.”

Emma had shaken her head and said no more.

Kelly and Ned had sat together at the table one morning a few weeks after her death. Ned sipped his coffee and made a face as he got a mouthful of grounds.

“I’d take a coffeemaker now, Kelly.”

“I’ll order one today, Grandpa. I can get the one that looks like the percolator. It should be here in a week or so.”

“I don’t care what it looks like, Kelly. But tomorrow morning I’d like a decent cup of coffee.”

She’d gone shopping after breakfast and returned with the coffeemaker. When she returned to visit a couple weeks later, she noticed its absence from the kitchen.

“Didn’t you like the coffeemaker, Grandpa?”

“I use it every morning.”

Ned followed her perusal of the kitchen counters and produced the coffeemaker from inside a cabinet.

“It didn’t look right. So I tuck it away after I’ve had my coffee.”

If she kept the house, she doubted that the coffeemaker would ever be returned to the cabinet. It would probably not be an issue. Her dreams for the house had been shattered shortly after Ned’s death.

“Jerry found Grandpa’s will, Kelly. There was no mention of the house.”

“There wouldn’t be, Ellen. I …”

“You stole our inheritance, Kelly. Jerry made inquiries and found that you purchased it years ago. You never said a word. You think money lets you do as you please, you sneaky conniving bitch.”

“You’ve misunderstood.”

She had been talking to dead air. They were all upset by Grandpa’s death. She’d hoped that things would calm before she arrived for the funeral, but that hope had been dashed as well. When the terms of Ned’s will had been carried out, she would find a buyer and split the money between her siblings. It seemed to be what mattered to them.

Her meeting with Harry was three hours away. A walk around the lake might clear her head and lift her spirits. She went out the back and started towards the path.


Drake Benton? What was he doing here? Hadn’t she had enough rejection in the last twenty-four hours?

To be continued.


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