Lone Wolf – Part 1

Posted on July 20, 2011 10:35 pm under Short Stories
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“You are a great secretary, Jodie, but I can’t give you another raise. It’s just not in the budget. This is the third time you’ve asked me in the last three months and I wish you’d give it a rest. ”

Jodie nodded and quietly walked away. That wasn’t a good sign, but at least I’d been spared another argument. It was quitting time and she’d have the night to cool off. That was the best thing. After ten years, I knew how to handle her.

She was back early the next morning and delivered my morning coffee and her resignation letter. I quickly scanned it.

“I appreciate the two week notice, but it’s not necessary. You’re going to need to work full time to find another job, Jodie. Not many pay as highly as this one.”

“Thanks, Dan, but my vacation pay will be more than sufficient. I’m going to take some time off before I look.”

Ever efficient, she handed me her vacation record. Over two months of accumulated vacation? Echoes of “not right now, Jodie” rang in my head. Two months was probably right. Besides, her record keeping was meticulous.

“Would you like me to call a temp agency, while you’re signing the check?”

“No, I’ll take care of that.”

Where would I find checks? Jodie presented one already made out for the correct amount, ready for my signature. In minutes, she had gathered her belongings and was out the door.

The phone was ringing off the hook. I’d better find a temp agency.

Jodie, of course, had left a well-marked list visible on her desk. I called the first one and breathed a sigh of relief. A secretary would arrive in less than an hour. The phones could go to voice mail for that long. Soon everything would be back to normal. Better than normal. Jodie had gotten out of control, acting as though she ran the business. Lone Wolf Consultants was my idea and my business.

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6 Responses to “Lone Wolf – Part 1”

  1. Mama Zen Says:

    He’s going to be sorry!

  2. Classic NYer Says:

    Sounds like she does indeed run the business, whatever he thinks, haha!

  3. Mike Golch Says:

    yep,he’s in for a rude awakening.

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