Lone Wolf – Part 2

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The temp surveyed the reception area.

“This sure doesn’t look like a wolf rescue agency.”

This was not an auspicious beginning. I took a minute to explain that my name was Dan Wolf and my company matched independent consultants with clients who needed their services. Heather was disappointed. When she saw the leather furniture, she was outraged.

“Oh, those poor wolves.”

I was going to reassure her that none of the furniture featured wolf hides, but she had already stormed out the door. The agency assured me that they were sending a replacement.

Glenda had no problem with the furniture and listened attentively as I showed her the intake forms for prospective clients and consultants.

“Any questions?”

“There are six phone lines. What do I do, if they all ring at once?”

“That doesn’t happen very often. If you miss something, it will go to voice mail. You can return the call later.”

A prospective client arrived and I took him to the conference room. Something was missing. Coffee, pastries, ice water? I hadn’t told Glenda. When the meeting was over, I checked back with her.

“How’s it going?”

“It’s pretty busy. These forms are hard to fill out. What’s an er-el?”

Er-el? I looked at the form.

“The URL is the website address. Not every client has one, but be sure to ask. That form looks pretty empty.”

“I was afraid to mess it up, but I took some notes.”

I pointed to the fourth line. “You’ve got it right here. Go ahead and add the URL to the form.”

She hesitated, then wrote megameeting.com web conferencing in the box.

“Just put the URL in that box. Web conferencing is their business and that goes in the box over here.”

“This is very confusing.”

“Maybe you just need a little time to focus. Let the phone go to voice mail for a few minutes and see if you can complete the forms from your notes.”

“This is the only form I have. The rest of the calls did go to voice mail.”

I supposed it took time to learn the ropes. I retrieved the voice mails and started returning calls. At the end of the day, Glenda proudly presented three half-completed forms. I thanked her for her services and told her I wouldn’t need her the next day.

The following day brought Sarah, who reminded me of Jillian Michaels, but tougher.

“You want me to serve coffee and pastries to your clients? I do not poison my body with sugar and caffeine. I certainly won’t encourage others to do that.”

“Ice water?” I ventured hopefully.

“I am not a waitress.”

I wanted her to leave, but I was a bit nervous about upsetting her. I was relieved when she took the initiative.

It was time to try another agency.

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