Lone Wolf – Part 3

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The second agency asked more questions and a temp wasn’t available until the following day. Karen was worth the wait. She answered phones, completed forms and charmed the clients, especially the men. Jodie’s suits seemed far more professional than Karen’s clinging tops and minis, but I hadn’t received any complaints. Karen got the basics done. I wistfully recalled that Jodie had worked with the accountant,
arranged advertising, written press releases and handled technical issues. Karen just needed a little time to grow into the job. After a week, I offered her a permanent position.

“I appreciate the offer, Mr. Wolf, but this job is too hectic. There is enough work for two people, maybe three. I’ve been too tired for a night out since I started.”

“I’d give you a substantial raise.” It would still be far less than I had paid Jodie. “This could be a great career move for you.”

“Let me be frank. I’m not looking for a career. I’m just paying the bills until the right man comes along.”

She paused and gave me an intense look.

“If you know what I mean, Dan.”

I understood only too well. I mumbled something about needing a permanent secretary and I was alone again.

I didn’t need a wife. I needed a good secretary. If I wanted to marry someone, it would be Jodie. What?

The conversation in my head stopped abruptly and I replayed it. It had the ring of truth. We had spent a lot of time together in the last ten years. Jodie was hardworking, reliable and comfortable. Her sense of humor helped me keep my perspective and she still had the capacity to surprise me. Life with Jodie would never be boring and I would never be reduced to the guy who paid her bills. Yes, I wanted her back in the office, but suddenly I knew I wanted much more.

“So she came back and you got married. Right, Dad?”

“That’s right, Laurie.”

She turned to her mother. “Is that really how it happened, Mom?”

“Yes, Laurie.”

That hint of a smile played at the corner of Jodie’s mouth, but she said no more.

There was more, of course.

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