To The Lowest Bidder

Posted on August 27, 2011 4:06 pm under General
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While I’m not fond of winter, I occasionally find myself dreading warm weather. No sooner have daffodils pushed their way through the earth, than we are besieged by a plethora of salespeople. Kids selling candy for their sports team, missionaries selling their brand of faith and hoards of earnest looking consultants selling their home security systems.

I’m not that fond of folks trying to sell me anything, whether they appear unsolicited or I have initiated the contact. As much as I enjoy owning a new car, for example, I dread the process of visiting dealerships and listening to endless pitches. It occupies so much time and always ends up costing more than I had planned on.

Life events are forcing a couple more of these contacts on us. After the attempted break in, we have had to give serious thought to a security system. How do you even begin deciding on a provider, let alone chose from among all the options? The same goes for television suppliers. It seems impossible to stick with one for very long. There are great introductory deals, but over a couple years, the cost creeps up. Calico has started looking, after seeing our cost double in two years time. Cable, Dish or Direct TV? It’s not a simple choice as you try to compare numerous packages that don’t quite match up.

How I wish we could set up a conference calls between the providers and let them fight it out. Do you suppose that kind of competition would reduce our rates? In my dreams!

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