Mr. Frost And Fine Dining

Posted on September 19, 2011 1:55 pm under Family
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Our home is not large and much of our day is spent in a fifteen by twenty living space that serves as a living room, dining room, office and classroom. Despite the closeness of our quarters, there is little discord in our lives. Compatibility and a sense of humor deserve some credit for that and so do our headphones. IPod docks would get lonely at our place. Music, schoolwork, games and movies are brought to us via our headphones. It’s an odd mixture of togetherness and privacy, but it works for us. With apologies to Mr. Frost, good headphones make good neighbors.

Conversations about space are focused on better usage, not more. Recent discussions have centered around our dining area. We are very casual diners and our TV trays get far more use than our table, which is reserved for company or special occasions. Our current flip top dining table is probably the right idea, but we have space for one that is at least a foot longer, not to mention a lot more stable. I’d like wider leaves that slide beneath the base when not in use. Our table’s dropped leaves hang down the side, eliminating leg space. Chairs can’t slide underneath, so they sit away from the table taking up space and looking awkward. Durability is another priority, since our table doubles as a workspace for crafts and school projects. We’ll probably be looking at laminate dining tables with the hope that they will resist paint spills and slips of the Exacto knife. I realize that’s asking a lot, but it pays to think big in the wishing stage.

Dining conversations can quickly slide from practical to dangerous. When we talk about dining, it’s easy to let the conversation drift to a new set of dishes or that sweet pearl handle flatware we saw the other day. Coordinating linens and new crystal would be lovely. The cabinets are already stuffed. Crystal from our 2009 move remains boxed. Who sets their TV trays with crystal? When things get to this point, we know it’s time to pull out those headphones and get back to work.

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  1. Kay Davies Says:

    Well, that was a fun look into life at your house. I feel as if I’d been there with you.
    Crystal on TV trays made me laugh. We have enough trouble with the dog walking under TV trays while we have dishes on them. She doesn’t see them as obstacles at all.
    Thanks for the visit!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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