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Have you ever had a day when your phone didn’t ring? Maybe you relish the silence for a bit. You certainly don’t miss wrong numbers, survey requests and sales pitches. After a while, you start to wonder. You pick up the phone and check for the dial tone. Yes, it’s there. Then why isn’t anyone calling?

It has been like that here at Grandma’s Goulash for the last couple of days. Monday morning began several hours early, when the smell of an electrical burn filled the house. Turned out to be the motor on Calico’s PC, but it took a long while to identify it as the culprit. We were too awake to go back to sleep and too sleep deprived to be productive. It was late in the day before I posted my Succinctly Yours microfiction. I didn’t get out to comment until Tuesday morning.

Commenting usually generates a flurry of return comments. Tuesday went by without a single one. Posting isn’t the same without that little touch of human interaction. Wednesday would be better. I finally got a single comment. Thanks, Sonia. At least I know the phone is working. But where are my other blogging buddies? Didn’t they like my post? It was not my best, but I didn’t think it was that bad. Sigh. I feel a pity session starting to brew.

Has anyone noticed my pout? Probably not. That’s the trouble with thin lips. Maybe I should consider lip augmentation. If I had full pouty lips like Angelina Jolie, it wouldn’t take much effort to get my bottom one sticking out so far that even my buddies in the blogosphere would take notice. I’m the distractible type, so I began to wonder if Jolie had used lip augmentation. I googled and the consensus was “Yes”, at least on the upper lip. Her lips were always full, but the top was not quite as full as the bottom. There were before and after pictures of Jolie and some other celebrities, who reportedly had lip plumping procedures. I wasn’t impressed by Jessica Lange’s results, but Meg Ryan’s was a winner.

Is Grandma seriously considering lip augmentation? No, but I am pouting!

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