Car Repair Stress Syndrome

Posted on October 31, 2011 8:42 pm under General
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I volunteered on a crisis-intervention hotline for ten years. During that time, I talked with lots of women who were unhappy with their marriages, but afraid to separate from their husbands. Some felt it would harm their children. Others worried that they couldn’t support themselves. None of them stayed because they needed their husband to fix the car. I did.

During childhood, my father took care of car repairs. When I married, the torch was passed to my husband. He made auto maintenance seem scarier than any Halloween visitors. Looking back, I can see that his own lack of skill probably caused more problems than it fixed. At the time, I just felt unqualified to deal with car problems. The fear continued to haunt me after our marriage ended.

I wasted more time worrying than I ever did on car repairs. My husband felt he saved money by making his own repairs. My knowledge limited my options, so I had repairs done at an automotive shop. I tried a couple, before selecting the one that nursed my station wagon past 200,000 miles. They worked with my budget and excelled at finding auto parts for older vehicles. I trusted them. Car Repair Stress Syndrome became a thing of the past.

I learned a lot from that experience. Whenever worry sneaks into my life, I do my best to chase it away. Sometime I can fix things. Sometimes I can’t. Worry doesn’t change anything.

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  1. Seasons Says:

    Grandma, appreciate that you shared this personal experience.