The Color Red

Posted on October 31, 2011 1:08 am under General
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I bought a couple of red rugs today. For anyone else, this might not be a significant event, but I have an inherited dislike of the color.

My mother hated red. When my dad’s job required a move to another state, he did a quick job of renting a home for us. My mother didn’t see it until the day we moved in and was dismayed to find a living room with red wallpaper and red wall-to-wall carpeting. The office walls were neutral, but it also had red carpeting. Mother claimed she would never be able to relax in rooms with that much red. My dad reminded her that they would be buying another home as soon as our house in New Hampshire was sold. Soon stretched to three years. My mother complained about red rugs and wallpaper nearly every day. When we finally moved, there wasn’t a touch of red in our new home.

Over the years, I have purchased and enjoyed a few articles of red clothing, but except for a few knick-knacks, I have never used the color in my home. Each time something catches my eye, I hear my mother say “overpowering” and I back away. Today, I took a step forward and purchased two area rugs.

Red rugs for my home? Not exactly, but I’m hoping my Superpoke Pet will enjoy them in his habitat.

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  1. Nannette Gilbert Says:

    How funny. There are a few things that I’ve inherited from my mom, such as ladies don’t shave above their knees. Not sure why. But to this day, I feel a bit risque when shaving my thighs.

    Maybe someday you will get real red rugs :)