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Hair and There

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Bald isn’t sexy, it’s cold. My hair is sparse and I really notice it on cool days. It started thinning in my twenties, thanks to contributions from both sides of the gene pool. In my forties, I tried hair growth products with little success.

Hair is a funny thing. Too little in some spots, not enough in others. My sister-in-law even bemoans her stubby lashes and searches for products that promote eyelash growth. I’ve fantasized about transplanting hair from my chin to my head. The guys have too little on their chests or too much on their backs. No one is happy.

I like to think I’ve grown more reasonable with age. If the house gets cold, I wear a hooded jacket. It won’t win any fashion awards, but it works. Now I’m searching for a way to keep my fingertips warm and still be able to type.


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A few years back, I was visiting a cousin during the holiday season. Our conversation was continually interrupted by his incessantly ringing phone.

“Peace on earth? I’d settle for a little peace at home.”

He’d lost his job over a year before. That stroke of bad luck had been followed by illness and a lengthy hospitalization. When the hospital bills arrived, he couldn’t pay. His savings were gone and he’d maxed his credit cards to pay for food and utilities. His application for Social Security disability had finally been approved, but it barely covered basic living expenses. Read more »

A Black Friday Trilogy

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I finished my trilogy and realized that I hadn’t included the word of the week. I’ve done that before and managed to work it in. No such luck this week. I thought about adding a fourth offering, but I had no idea what to call a trilogy plus one. A quadogy? With that excuse, I am complacently ignoring the word of the week.

The Setting
Shoppers clutched their bargains and grimly crawled towards the cashier. Why are those guys laughing? They’re at the end of the line. (139)

The Plan
Joe will present a bunch of expired cards. I’ll haggle over prices. You forget your PIN. I’ll start the timer when Joe begins checkout. (135)

Mission Accomplished
A record-breaking stall. They headed for the pub, while stunned shoppers realized they’d been victimized by the Black Friday Pranksters. (138)

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This week’s word was complacent.

Candy and Flowers

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“Flowers and candy are the only gifts that a young woman may accept from a man.”

My mother repeated this frequently, long before I ever had my first date. More personal gifts, such as gloves, were only appropriate after an engagement. “First the ring, then the gloves” was the way she phrased it.

By the time I dated, the rules were considered archaic by many. A movie and a milkshake depleted most guys’ wallets. Appropriate gifts weren’t even an issue.
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Succinctly Yours Week 36

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How low can you go?

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Photo for Monday, Nov. 28

Word of the Week:complacent

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