Candy and Flowers

Posted on November 27, 2011 12:57 pm under General
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“Flowers and candy are the only gifts that a young woman may accept from a man.”

My mother repeated this frequently, long before I ever had my first date. More personal gifts, such as gloves, were only appropriate after an engagement. “First the ring, then the gloves” was the way she phrased it.

By the time I dated, the rules were considered archaic by many. A movie and a milkshake depleted most guys’ wallets. Appropriate gifts weren’t even an issue.

Things have changed and I like to think that I have changed with them. Still, I have to question the appropriateness of some gifts. Calico was buying bras last week and spotted our neighbor’s son, Jed, checking out Valentines lingerie. Valentines lingerie? A few Halloween items still lingered near the Thanksgiving displays. Christmas dominated most of the store. Who thought that adding Valentine items to the end-of-year holiday binge was appropriate? Someone who knows about guys like Jed.

The whole neighborhood now knows that Jed has purchased an engagement ring and plans to pop the question on Christmas day. He had originally planned to wrap the ring inside some red velvet Christmas lingerie, but his sister convinced him that it was tacky. Now Jed’s dreaming of Valentine’s Day.

If the guys are being honest, giving lingerie is equivalent to buying themselves a gift. They’ll do the looking. Their girl just gets to wear it and there is nothing even remotely comfortable about feathers, netting and elastic garters. How many women would chose Valentines lingerie over chocolates? Maybe a couple. Maybe.

Mothers aren’t always wrong. Flowers and candy are wonderful gifts. Particularly chocolate candy.

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