Hair and There

Posted on November 30, 2011 11:44 pm under General
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Bald isn’t sexy, it’s cold. My hair is sparse and I really notice it on cool days. It started thinning in my twenties, thanks to contributions from both sides of the gene pool. In my forties, I tried hair growth products with little success.

Hair is a funny thing. Too little in some spots, not enough in others. My sister-in-law even bemoans her stubby lashes and searches for products that promote eyelash growth. I’ve fantasized about transplanting hair from my chin to my head. The guys have too little on their chests or too much on their backs. No one is happy.

I like to think I’ve grown more reasonable with age. If the house gets cold, I wear a hooded jacket. It won’t win any fashion awards, but it works. Now I’m searching for a way to keep my fingertips warm and still be able to type.

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  1. aynzan Says:

    I can relate to this..Mine is sparse, a little bald patch right in the middle and going gray and no one really knows because I cover it up with a scarf..