Mind Your Mama

Posted on January 30, 2012 2:58 am under Microfiction
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Muddy Clothes
“Don’t sleep and ride”, Mama warned. What did she know?
Something about rain and dirt paths, Joe realized, when he awoke in a mud pit. (135)

Hold That Pose
“Don’t slouch.”
Mama had been right about getting stuck in this position. Right about the crossed eye thing too. (114)

Sit and Doze
“Someday you’ll appreciate home.”
Right again, Joe reflected. Minus food and housing, he attempted to hibernate on his bike. (123)


Remember! Mama Knows Best

Succinctly Yours offers a weekly photo and word as inspiration for your microfiction. How low can you go? Choose the 140 character or 140 word option.

This week’s word was hibernate.

9 Responses to “Mind Your Mama”

  1. Lisa Ricard Claro Says:

    These were all cute but the second is my favorite. My grandma used to warn me all the time about crossing my eyes. LOL

  2. Akelamalu Says:

    Good ones! It’s true, Mamma does always know best. 😉

  3. SparkleFarkle Says:

    I simply love Love, LOVE what you’ve put together for this week’s SY stories –especially the “tree” art. FANTASTIC! (My Auntie Mert used to position her “advice-giving” finger in just that same way. Thank you for this lively and oh, so very unexpected trip down Memory Lane!)

  4. SparkleFarkle Says:

    P.S. YIKES! The video-clip lady on the drums is down right scarey!

  5. Jim Says:

    Hi GMa ~~ I like these “JeanieB! and the JellyBeans” and think that the Jelly Bean dance is better than the music and the singing. Of course it takes all three together to make it better than any one could do. BTW, your blog has a credit for posting/linking there.

    Mom would tell us not to look cross-eyed as we might stay that way. Guess yours did too! :) Makes my vote for your #2 today in honor of Mom (1911-1999).

  6. Pooch Says:

    Joe has much to reflect upon during his hibernation—can’t turn off Mama’s well-intentioned warnings.


  7. Anthony North Says:

    Ah, Mama knows best. Enjoyed these.

  8. Pat Says:

    Grandma, your stories always make me laugh, especially phrases like “Right about the crossed eye thing too.” Wonderful rhyming titles again. I loved the “Mommy Knows Best” song, too. You crack me up! 😀

  9. Mama Zen Says:

    Oh, that second one cracked me up!