Who Mooz?

Posted on January 22, 2012 2:33 am under General
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When I was a kid, there was nothing fun about boot shopping. Boots were ugly rubber galoshes that frequently defied my best efforts to pull them over my shoes. It was a few years before I realized that there was a world of beautiful options and even more years passed before I received a pair of leather boots as a Christmas gift. Although boots were at the top of my Christmas wish list each year after that, I never received another pair. I came from a practical family. If my boots still fit, I didn’t need more.

All that longing was finally satisfied, when I became a job-holding adult. I acquired a fair collection of boots and then expanded my interest to shoes. Although I never spent a lot of time selecting clothing, shoes and boots were a different story. Soon I had several footwear options for every outfit.

I’ve tempered my buying over the years, but I still appreciate fine footwear. I like variety and value as well. If you enjoy mixing practicality with pleasure, check out Miz Mooz shoes and boots. I could spend hours online viewing the extensive selection. Value seekers should look at Miz Mooz bloom wedge boots. They are currently on sale with free shipping through Infinity Shoes. These knee-high leather boots mix beauty and functionality. The rubber outsoles help prevent slipping and the faux fur lining will keep your toes warm. The zippered closure relegates pull-on struggles to history. That has my enthusiastic approval.

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  1. Kay L. Davies Says:

    Well, that was fun. And heartbreaking. I found THE most gorgeous granny shoes ever made, brown and white saddle shoes with 2 1/2 inch heels. But I can’t wear 2 1/2 inch heels because my arches are falling.
    Posted them on FB, though, along with another pair that look like falling-arch shoes.
    E-mailed myself a couple of possibles.
    When my doctor told me I couldn’t wear heels any more, I invited all my girlfriends over to take what they liked. It was a nice party, but…