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        Happy Birthday,

       Book Blurb Friday

Lance Duquette is the perpetual male lead of Sharpville’s small town theater productions. Onstage and off, females vie to be his leading lady, seemingly blinded to Lance’s love-them-and-leave-them attitude.

Backstage, Jimmy Hopkins helps with props and dreams of capturing the attention of makeup artist and wannabe playwright, Melody Light. Just as romance starts to bloom, Lance focuses his attentions on Melody. Deranged with jealousy, Jimmy threatens to make this play, Lance’s last.
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2012 Weekend Writers Retreat #8

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New to Writers Retreat? Get all the details here.

Smoke Free

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Hats off to my friend, Ed, who has been smoke-free for three months. Smoking is a tough addiction and it wasn’t his first attempt at quitting. Failures are tough and it takes a great deal of courage to try again. I’m so glad that he did.

My father stopped smoking after a friend died of lung cancer. A girlfriend stopped as part of a pact with her emphysemic mother. A co-worker and single mother stopped when she calculated the financial impact on her tight budget. That was twenty years ago. I researched current cigarette prices and ended up with some cigar prices as well. Read more »

Homes For The Credit-Challenged

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A good credit rating counts for a lot, when seeking a home mortgage. The process can be quicker and the interest rates lower. For many, however, the economy has had a negative impact on their rating. Home ownership is not beyond the reach of those with bad credit, but it may take more work. If you are in this situation, there are several steps that you can take to help you reach your goal. Read more »

Mortgage Criteria Constants

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We tried to do everything right, when we purchased our first home. We spent three years saving for a down payment and kept our credit card balances at zero. That paid off, when we finally selected a home. We quickly received approval for a mortgage at a low rate.

Unfortunately, there were problems obtaining title insurance on the house and we were unable to purchase the home. When we found another house and reapplied for a mortgage, we were turned down by our own bank. The realtor advised us to apply for a mortgage with an institution that specialized in higher risk loans. The difference in loan rates was appalling. Read more »