Charlie’s Cryptid

Posted on March 16, 2012 5:08 pm under Story Ideas
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Something smelt bad in Longfin. One thing was certain; it wasn’t fish. Catches had declined for five years and its once thriving fishing industry faced extinction. When the efforts of environmental and marine scientists failed, residents began moving to bluer pastures.

Molly Miller-Toona, widow of Captain Charles Toona, thought she knew the answer, but no one listened to the dotty old woman, who stood on the wharf, spouting theories to anyone within herring distance.

When Molly becomes terminally eel, she swallows her pride and calls Charlie’s illegitimate daughter, Detective Olive Flounder. Olive listens and enlists cryptozoologist, Alphonsino Berycid, to help save the town.

Does a monster lurk beneath Longfin’s blue waters?

Does Alphonsino love Olive or does his heart belong to Mora, the seductive barfish at Swampy’s dockside lounge?

Is Longfin destined for shortfinity?

Don’t miss this slippery tail of mysteries and monsters.

Or Molly’s final triumphant sucker punch.


Thanks to Kathy Matthews for this great photo. Click on the book to see the full image.


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4 Responses to “Charlie’s Cryptid”

  1. Lisa Ricard Claro Says:

    LOL Oh, Grandma, I am SO buying this book! I’m an avowed punophile (is that even a real word?) and would have a ball reading this. Thanks for the needed laughs at the end of this terribly long and stressful day.

  2. Mama Zen Says:

    This is hilarious!

  3. Sandra Davies Says:

    What a cast of characters, and yes, isn’t it odd how this sunny photo gave us all ideas of death and disaster?

  4. Kathy Matthews Says:

    Oh, my gosh, you outdid yourself this week with your names and words and puns … plus you gave us a great and funny storyline! I would love to read this book and see what kind of sea creature lurks beneath the waves.

    Kathy M.