Education and Unemployment

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Statistics show that unemployment rates have begun a slow decline. While that is happy news for job seekers, the rate is still dramatically higher than those experienced in the months following 9/11. In the face of these statistics, those seeking employment must find a way to stand out in the crowd of job seekers vying for available positions.

A good education can’t guarantee employment, but it certainly can increase the odds. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with a Bachelor’s degree have an unemployment rate that is almost ten percent less than a high school dropout’s and half the rate of those with only a high school diploma. Education also increases salaries and a Bachelor’s degree returns compensation that is sixty-five percent higher than the earnings of those with a high school diploma.

Adults, who wish to earn a college degree, may face problems with accessibility. Proximity to a college can be a problem for those living in rural areas. Even when distance is not a problem, the availability and cost of caring for children or elder parents can prove substantial. It was listed as a top barrier to college attendance in a survey of adults wishing to return to college.

Online degree programs may be the perfect answer for those facing these obstacles to further education. My daughter returned to college in 2010, earning an AA degree last June. She attended only one course on campus and took the rest through the school’s online program. While the campus course was less academically challenging than many of her online courses, she still preferred the flexibility and convenience of virtual attendance.

An increasing number of universities are offering a wide range of online bachelor degree programs and online masters programs. For those struggling to compete in the job market, online education makes good dollars and sense.

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  1. teecup Says:

    Hi, grandma! I hope young kids who plan to drop out of school will read this post. I understand that education can be expensive, but it IS an investment.