Fine Dining

Posted on March 12, 2012 12:01 am under Microfiction
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Perfect Timing
Rocky got his lunch, while the workers ate theirs. Some called it serendipity. Rocky called it skill. (103)

Garbage Mining
Meeko walked away in disgust. He only dined on five-star trash. (64)


Succinctly Yours offers a weekly photo and word as inspiration for your microfiction. How low can you go? Choose the 140 character or 140 word option.

This week’s word was serendipity.

9 Responses to “Fine Dining”

  1. Anthony North Says:

    Enjoyed both. Great fun.

  2. Akelamalu Says:

    Ah great minds think alike! We both had a similar ideas on the pic. :)

  3. Rinkly Rimes Says:

    Not the page set-up I was expecting, but a very lively illustration.

  4. Mama Zen Says:

    I love Meeko!

  5. Jim Says:

    Good Morning, GMA ~~ You can see we are all liking your little racoon. :) Your stories are great!
    Perfect Timing
    Oh the life of a city guy. Rocky is a lucky coon.
    Garbage Mining
    I wasn’t familiar with the Meeko cartoons. Guess I’m from the wrong generation. 😥

  6. pearl Says:

    Hi! The first picture definitely looks like trouble! thanks for making me smile today:-)

  7. Pat Says:

    Rocky is so clever, as raccoons are wont to be. This was my fave…Thanks for the chuckle.

    Meeko does look disgusted, doesn’t he?

  8. Kay L. Davies Says:

    Aha, another Rocky. Shows who among us can remember old Beatles tunes.
    Meeko, however, is new to me. Do I remember you saying your granddaughter is about 10?

  9. Lisa Ricard Claro Says:

    I loved that movie! One of the best things about having little ones was watching the Disney animated films. LOL My daughter’s fave is Beauty and the Beast. She’s 24 now, but it’s still one of her favorite movies!