A Dino’s Life

Posted on April 28, 2012 11:01 pm under Microfiction
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Jekyll and Hyde
Try as he might, nothing could thwart his darker side. Charming millions of children by day, Barney inflicted terror after sundown . (133)

Cramped Inside
“I smell Big Macs.”

“Okay, Bob, but we’re using the drive thru this time. I can’t afford to pay for more broken booths.” (120)

Hitchin’ A Ride
Eight hours with thumbs up and still no ride. Rex bravely held his pose, but Yoshi started whimpering about hand cramps. (122)

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This week’s word was thwart.

5 Responses to “A Dino’s Life”

  1. Rinkly Rimes Says:

    I love the one about hitching the ride!

  2. Anthony North Says:

    An excellent, fun trio. And I remember Vanity Fair. Nice one.

  3. Pat Says:

    Hitchin’ A Ride was my fave, especially with the video–it transported me back in time! Of course, I always like your rhyming titles. Thanks for the chuckles.

  4. Akelamalu Says:

    Three good ones. #3 is my favourite. :)

  5. Kay L. Davies Says:

    I certainly remember this song. And the clothes! Good ones, Grandma.