Topsy Turvy

Posted on April 29, 2012 10:16 pm under Family

The last week has really shifted our schedules. Calico, Miss Muffin and I are night owls by nature. Heading to bed at 3am is considered an early night. This isn’t a problem. Most of their schooling is done virtually with a flexible schedule. In the coming week, however, they must leave the house before 8AM, so that Miss Muffin can take her TCAPs. These are Tennessee’s academic proficiency exams for elementary and middle school students.

Miss Muffin is a good student and standardized tests, taken earlier this year, placed her in the 99th percentile nationally, when compared to other 4th grade students. So we don’t anticipate any trouble with the tests, but we did worry that she would have difficulty waking up. And what if she felt asleep during the testing? So for the last ten days, we have worked to achieve an earlier bedtime and wakeup. It hasn’t been easy, but we have gradually worked towards an 11pm bedtime. Still a bit late, but the best we could manage.

I sincerely doubt that the change will be lasting. Even after years of leaving the house for work by 5AM, I would quickly revert to my natural schedule, if I had more than a few days off. They will need to maintain an earlier schedule though. Following the TCAPs, they will be headed east to visit Tennessee Technical University and secure housing for the next two years. They will take some time to visit a nearby state park, see the falls and have a picnic lunch – even if its only some takeout at a picnic table.

I’ll be staying at home for both of these weeks, caring for our pets, weeding out our belongings and packing non-essentials. The house is beginning to look as topsy-turvy as our schedules

4 Responses to “Topsy Turvy”

  1. Small Town Mommy Says:

    Good luck! It sounds like a lot happening. I hope the tests go well.

  2. Kay L. Davies Says:

    I know what you mean about topsy-turvy. My kitchen is almost completely packed up in preparation for its demolition.
    Good luck with the sleep changes. I’m a natural night-owl, too, so I understand.

  3. Jim Says:

    My, my, GMA. :) Getting up so early is for a good cause here! I hope the test results were GREAT again.
    I am a night person too. But as I age I get tired earlier and earlier. That means sleep in the big chair or go to bed before midnight now. 😥
    I’ve been out of pocket, and out of the country, for a bit so missed Succintly Y. I am still out of country but am where there is reasonably priced Internet so I may make a showing Sunday/Monday depending on my activities.

  4. Grandma Says:

    Hi Jim,
    Good to hear from you. You have been missed.

    Testing is going just fine – my granddaughter says its all very easy. Tomorrow is the last day. My granddaughter has done well with the schedule change, but her mother is drooping.

    Hope to see you again soon.