A Bridged Tension

Posted on May 16, 2012 1:14 pm under Family
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We’ve uncovered a few more house possibilities, but nothing definite yet. Despite the lack of progress, we’ve been discussing the easiest and most economical way to make the move. Pods sounded great, but they don’t deliver to our new location. A full-service move with professional packing and moving would undoubtedly be the easiest, but far north of our budget. A rental truck is not the easiest, but it appears to be the most economical option.

Calico drove a 26-foot rental truck for our last move. Much of the drive was interstate and I worried that it would be difficult. Maneuvering the truck on narrow roads and side streets turned out to be far harder. Bridges presented an unanticipated problem.

Some of the bridges on less travelled roads were not intended to carry the weight of the truck and maps don’t identify them. Their sudden appearance had Calico searching for detours on more than one occasion. Right before our house, she encountered a bridge for which there was no detour. She crossed her fingers and prayed that it’s rickety appearance was covering a firm foundation with incredibly strong steel rods and tension bolts. She made it safely across, but it’s not the kind of chance you like to take.

Height limitations can create problems too. Fortunately, underpasses accommodated the truck. I’m not sure that would be true in a more rural location. Covered bridges could also provide a challenge, although Calico didn’t recall seeing any while on the house hunting expedition.

On a brighter note, our garage is looking better every day. We’ve marked a large pile for disposal and another for donations. We even uncovered tools that have been missing since the move and a wide selection of hardware – everything from hinges to screws and other assorted fasteners. We’ve got them consolidated now, so hopefully we’ll be able to find them in our next house, wherever that may be.

We’re trying to keep our sense of humor during this time of upheaval, although the tension may creep in between the lines of my posts. I’ll try not to bore you with the details, although at times, the abridged version seems to elude me.

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  1. Jim Says:

    I don’t envy you one bit, GMa. Nor Calico or whoever is your driver this time. One thing going for the driver, at least in Texas, is that the bridges on all county roads are tessted for weight capacity. Then the road is zoned with a sign saying for ‘not over (such and such a weight depending on the weakest bridge in the zon).’ Trucks with more weight must find another route.

    The bridges and underpasses are also marked for maxim height but only at the bridges, not at the beginning of the road.

    Truckers earn their pay and proper training for them is a must.