The Moving Saga Continues

Posted on May 15, 2012 12:30 pm under General
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Moving preparations continue. This week, Calico and I are focusing on the garage. It has been a thorn in our sides, since the day we moved in.

In Georgia, we had a spacious two car garage with a huge partitioned storage area at the back. It held everything from tools to Christmas decorations. It even kept boxes of photos safe and dry. Our current garage is a converted carport with a perpetually damp odor. It is barely wide enough to hold a car and certainly not intended for storage. Our car has only seen the inside of the garage on a couple occasions, when Calico raced to rearrange all the stuff stored there, in an attempt to avoid damage by hail or high winds. Once the danger has passed, the car goes back out in the yard and the garage reverts to its storage unit status. Faced with the unthinkable possibility of moving all that stuff, we have made a pact to do a ruthless cleaning.

Speaking of cars, Calico will be searching for better auto insurance rates. Again. I’d like to know why our rates keep going up. We are good drivers – clean licenses and not a single accident in all our years of driving. Living in a city with a notable crime rate could account for a higher rate, but we changed to our current insurer after we moved here. Each renewal has brought another increase. I checked out our state’s website to see if I could find more info on rate changes. They had a chart that showed rate changes by insurance company for the years from 2010 through 2012. While some insurer’s rates had lowered or remained static in 2010, the subsequent years have brought rate increases for many insurers. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ website offered a page explaining factors that increase auto insurance costs, but none of them seemed to apply to us.

Searching for a new insurer is a bit of a pain, but it generally results in a lower rate. At least for a while. Calico says she will wait until after we have the garage cleaned. Then when they ask the question about where the car is parked, she can truthfully say “In the garage”.

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  1. Jim Says:

    For the longest time we couldn’t get one car in our two-car garage.

    Then Mom died and I was the possessor of her Mustang (Google my blog for that). So it couldn’t stay outside as the other kids were watching how I cared for it. Besides it was always garaged by Mom and Dad.

    Our garage got cleaned fast on one side for that car.

    So you don’t have to Goggle it,
    Jim’s 1974 Mustang Ghia