Musical Laptops

Posted on July 28, 2012 12:05 pm under General
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A new laptop is in our future and it can’t happen soon enough. Muffin’s computer still works, but it is just too slow to handle many newer apps. Last year, she had the computer supplied by K12, but that had to be returned at the end of the school year. So we have engaged in a game of musical laptops. Calico and I have ours in the morning, but after Muffin awakes, she hovers over Calico until she relinquishes hers. Calico takes over my laptop as soon as I start my afternoon nap. I’ll get it back sometime in the evening, usually when Calico cooks supper. Calico will retrieve her laptop from Muffin, who hovers until she can reclaim it again. When she’s just playing games, we can let her pout for a bit, but now that school has started, she does need a fair amount of computer time.

I don’t mind sharing my laptop, but some of the consequences are a bit annoying. Passwords are at the top of the list. Yahoo mail will not save my login information now, although it happily presents Calico’s. I went to Facebook this morning and found that I was already logged in as Calico. That turned out to be fun. She is connected with far more friends and family than I am. I checked out lots of baby pictures and some wedding photos. I didn’t know that Calico was friends with our former neighbor’s fiancé, but she was there as well, talking about the Bill Levkoff bridesmaid dresses that she had selected for their August wedding. I didn’t recognize the name, but when I did an online search, they turned out to be quite tasteful. More than can be said for her taste in husbands!

We did a lot of cleaning out in preparation for our move. We are serious about minimizing possessions. Nonetheless, we are tired of sharing laptops. For virtual girls, that’s a bit like sharing your toothbrush!

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  1. Jim Says:

    Good advice for the girls, GMa. :) Mrs. Jim has a tizzy if I’m signed in on her Yahoo or FaceBook. I don’t think she remembers her passwords for those. I may have them written someplace after catching the Dickens a few times.