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Calico brings home at least one freebie tee-shirt every week. Everything from school promotions to sponsored event advertisements has a free tee associated with it. She calls it the collegiate version of cheap urban clothing.

When it comes to fashion, I’m pretty clueless. To me, cheap urban clothing sounds like something worn by stylish homeless as they trudge city streets. I decided to visit Auntie Google and see what she had to say.

Urban fashion is style that originates with people, rather than designers. So that’s why it’s cheap? Auntie Google shook her head. I’m sure that she was shocked by my ignorance, but she kept a straight face and offered me a few more pieces of information on the subject – about 4,640,000 of them. I decide to skip a fashion PhD, but checked out a few of them. Urban fashion eventually works its way up to designers, who create outrageously pricey versions that are frequently worn by the well-to-do. Eventually, knockoffs emerge and prices are slashed until it can be afforded by the less afluent, who didn’t catch the fashion when their savvier friends were putting it together for free.

I think I’m beginning to understand. Cheap urban fashion is a good deal, but creating your own is even cheaper. I could do that. My ratty sweatshirt with the stain on the front will be the first item in my Grandma Grunge collection. My ancient blue robe will be featured in Senior Slouch.

Who says I’m not a trendsetter?

5 Responses to “Fashionista”

  1. Judy Says:

    Was all of that about Miller high lite?

  2. Jim Says:

    My freebies were (as a teacher) cartons of safety razors, a few t-shirts, and text books. A student once gave me a hard hat.

  3. Chinmay Says:

    How are you? Regrets to Entrecard missing the company of so many! Your Blogvisits is a consolation though!

  4. Lynne Says:

    Thanks for stopping by!

    My daughter has so many t-shirts of her own, I had to tell her NO MORE!

  5. pearl Says:

    hahaha, that’s a great idea! creating your own style and calling that urban fashion…maybe Grandma you can also become a fashion designer:-)