Keeping Warm

Posted on October 26, 2012 11:35 am under General
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The weatherman is predicting a fairly sharp drop in temperature over the next few days. I’m not looking forward to that, but it is hard to complain. November is just around the corner and we have had a beautiful autumn season. We are still opening the French doors for most of the daylight hours. While the leaves have thinned a bit, the view is glorious. The remaining green leaves provide a lovely contrast to sprays of orange, red and gold and the ground is covered in a mass of russet beauty.

Any chilly weather that we receive will undoubtedly pale in comparison to predictions for other portions of the country and fifty years have not dimmed my memories of truly cold weather. I took the cold for granted back then, as did most of the people I knew. I became accustomed to walking in subzero temperatures and in some ways, walking was easier than driving.

When I walked, I wore fleece-lined gloves and stuffed my hands into the pockets of my heavy coat. When driving I didn’t have the pocket option and thick gloves made it difficult to grip the wheel. The car that I drove to school did not have a heater and gripping the freezing wheel with thin gloves was frequently painful. I just accepted that as a fact of winter driving and never complained to my parents. I guess they must have noticed my frantic dash to warm my hands over the wood stove, when I returned home. That year, my Christmas gifts included a sheepskin wheel cover and seat covers.

As a kid, the only Christmas gifts that counted were toys. Practical items, such as clothing and toothbrushes, were just fillers added by adults. Things changed that year. The epiphany that began with those gifts grew into a lifetime love of practical items. I’m not very fond of knick-knacks and I don’t spend money accessorizing my wardrobe, but I am filled with admiration for comfortable footwear or the warmer that keeps my coffee at the perfect temperature for hours.

Sadly, my seat covers didn’t fit in my next vehicle, but I used the wheel cover for many years. And the memory is still warm.

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    You and I like the same simple things. This post made me smile.

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