Summer Dreams

Posted on November 28, 2012 12:04 pm under General
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One of my cousins is already making her summer vacation plans. That’s incredibly optimistic, I think. She lives far north of us and has many snow laden weeks ahead before she even gets a glimpse of sun and surf. She is undoubtedly more organized than I am. Our current plans involve recuperating from bad colds and finishing the Christmas decorations.

Next summer? Who knows? We have discussed the possibility of a summer camp for Miss Muffin, but don’t have anything specific in mind. There are so many options nowadays. Back in Grandma’s day, everyone knew that “going to camp” meant that you would be attending the 4H camp a few miles down the road, where you would take swimming lesson and “make new friends”. I was sent to it for a few years, although after the first one, which I attended with my best friend, I pretty much hated the whole experience. I sucked at making friends and was an adequate, but hardly outstanding, swimmer. A music camp or a computer camp would have been more fun for a shy and geeky kid like me. Calico’s best summer included a camp with horses and riding lessons.

We’d like Miss Muffin to have her choice of camps. She makes friends easily and would probably enjoy a general activity camp, but I’m guessing that she’d love one that let her explore her artistic interests. At the moment, summer seems far away. I’m not sure how much lead time one needs for enrollment, so we should probably make it a priority in the new year.

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  1. Jim Says:

    Sounds great, GMa. :) You could go to some too. I think they are always needing house parents and leaders of some kind.

    The only camp I ever went to was with kids, none when I was a kid. One, in New Hampshire at a (now poshy) lake with junior high kids. It was a Methodist Camp (church camp) lasting for a week. Another was at a Weeblo Boy Scout camp that was just a few days. Neither one was very demanding on me.

    Oh yes, I helped with an American Football and Baseball camp in Albacete, Spain. That was on a ‘mission trip.’ We took a then-16 granddaughter with us for that. The kids went home at night and had church things in the morning then the ball part in the aftenoons. It was a fun trip.