My Face In Lights

Posted on January 23, 2013 11:43 am under General
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I’ll never forget looking through the kitchen window and seeing my neighbor’s young daughter standing on the picnic table in their backyard. She held a black flashlight close to her mouth as she danced and belted out a song. Her best friend stood on the ground clapping and cheering. Before long, her brother joined in with an air guitar. The kid in the next yard followed, beating on his legs as though they were drums. Soon they were joined by every child within hearing distance and their yard was transformed into a homegrown version of Fame.

Dreams of fame are common. Many children and plenty of adults fantasize about being a pop star, actor, supermodel or famous athlete. My young neighbor eventually attended a school of the arts and even knew Taye Diggs, when he was just one of the other kids.

As a shy kid and an introspective adult, I never dreamed of having my face in lights, in fact, I went out of my way to avoid attention. Miss Muffin won’t be following in my footsteps. She has always had an interest in the arts and there is no fear of her becoming a recluse. Lately, she has been pointing out “exceptional drums” that she sees online and in stores. My ears are cringing already!

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