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After accepting my first job in Atlanta, I had just two weeks to relocate.  My new employer paid for two months lodging in a motel efficiency, so I didn't worry about finding an apartment.  The two weeks were spent working a notice for my current employer and emptying my apartment.  I gave away a lot of things and put others in storage.  Time flew and before I knew it, I was leaving Buffalo with my cat, my clothing and a few other items that I managed to stuff into my subcompact car.   Once I reached Atlanta, I figured the worst was over.    I had two months to find a new apartment.  How hard could that be?  

A lot harder than I had anticipated.   It was just after the Olympics and housing was sparse. The classifieds had  eight listings.  Six of them weren't even remotely close to my workplace. I began checking apartment complexes.   There were quite a few, but no easy way to see which ones accepted pets, had laundry rooms or offered reserved parking.   Application fees were substantial and nonrefundable with no guarantee that an apartment with my selected amenities would be available.   What should have been fun and exciting turned out to be tiring and stressful.  

Back then, I couldn't begin to envision how the internet would simplify apartment hunting.  Just for fun, I used to check out Atlanta housing.    I chose 3 bedroom apartments in the suburb of Sandy Springs.  Instantly, I had 76 possibilities.  Using the handy map, which pinpoints apartment locations, I could see that many were within a mile of where I had worked.  Then I used the Amenities selector in the toolbar at the top of the page to choose options for my pet, laundry and parking options,  In just a few seconds, I halved my list.  That's impressive, when I think about how long it took to do that in person.

I went back up to that handy toolbar and added some price restrictions.  Purusing the result list, I saw a few complexes that I had admired, but imagined were too expensive.  I was surprised to see that I could have afforded several of them.  Since shows lots of photos and even some 360 views, I could check out everything from spacious grounds and fountains to fireplaces to floorplans.  There's even a quick contact form  to check apartment availabiity  or answer other questions.   How easy is that?

 We've got at least another year before our next move, but when the time comes, I'll be using to help with the search.  Mydaughter likes's mobile app, which lets her do a search or get apartment info from her phone.

If there's a move in your future, keep things simple and check out  Join me in following them on Twitter.   Even if you are happily settled, there are lots of great ideas on apartment living.

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  1. Judy Sheldon-Walker Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful tool. I’m glad you found it and loved your microfiction.