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Posted on May 28, 2013 8:00 pm under Diet, Nutrition & Weight Loss
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This post brought to you by Tree Hut. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've found myself doing a lot of shopping in recent weeks after discovering that all of my warm weather clothes are two sizes too big. I'm not complaining. Calico and I committed to making some lifestyle changes last fall and have been rewarded with trimmer figures. 

 New clothes are always fun, but these look better than any I've worn in recent years.  The reason isn't the quality or style.  I still favor comfort and light, natural summer fabrics. What makes the difference is what you don't see – all those unwanted pounds.


What you don't see" is a theme that also applies to  my beauty products.  When I was younger, I usually wore eye shadow,mascara, blush, and in-your-face shades of lipstick and finger polish. As I got older, these just weren't flattering, so I discarded them and began using products you don't see.  Skin conditioner to minimize wrinkles. Eye concealer to hide those pesky dark circles under my eyes.  You get the picture.

Inspired by my new look, however, I started thinking about adding a touch of lip gloss and a bit of polish in softer shades for my fingers and sandal-clad toes.  Then I took a good look at my feet and decided I'd better not attract any attention to them, until I did something to improve their appearance.  The skin on my feet is so dry and rough and lacks the glow of healthy skin..  Not the look I want to display in my new sandals! Time to do a bit of research.

It appears that the solution to my problem is an exfoliant.  In the past, I've used exfoliants on my face, but I'd never thought of using them on my feet.  It's important to do that, however, since lack of exfoliation leads to a buildup of dead skin cells that can cause dry skin and  give feet a dull appearance.  Using an exfoliant to remove those old cells allows feet to rehydrate and regain a healthy glow.

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Tree Hut foot scrub exfoliates feet with a formulation of natural sugar, a super exfolliant, that helps smooth skin, peppermint oil to moisturize skin and  certified organic shea butter to repair skin and promote elasticity.  After taking a look at my hands, I've decided to give it a try along with Tree Hut foot cream and hand cream.  Unlike many beauty products, they are free of additives like DMDM and paraben, which can present a problem for people like me, who have sensitive skin.  I like that these products are made in the U.S. and that they aren't tested on animals.  Tree Hut products are easy to purchase too, since they are available at Walmart stores nationwide.  Most of us have a Walmart close by, but you can also purchase Tree Hut products from Walmart online.  I'm feeling confident that their natural oils, extracts and certified organic shea butter will soon have my hands and feet looking smooth and feeling soft.  

This summer, folks may notice the new sandals or pretty polish, but what they won't see is dry, dull skin, because I'm counting on Tree Hut.  You should too.  Visit Tree Hut on Twitter and check out the video on beauty products for June.  I know you'll like Tree Hut on Facebook, because you can check out more Tree Hut products and watch a video on how to make mornings easier, even if you're a night owl.  I really Liked that!


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