A Fine Mix

Posted on October 22, 2013 1:18 pm under General
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Becoming a DJ was one of my early childhood dreams. Our family always listened to the local radio’s morning show, which was hosted by my uncle. His byline was “a tenth of a ton of fat and fun”. His show was fun and lured a lot of callers. He seemed like a star and this appealed to a shy and chubby child. My roly-poly uncle had plenty of people waiting in line to chat with him. If I became a DJ, maybe that would happen to me.

As I grew older and developed other interests, the DJ dream faded. I regret that sometimes. I have a good speaking voice, can ad lib with the best of them and love music. My inner child must still be clinging to that dream, however. I hear some of the current DJs and think “I could do better than that”. I check out the latest songs online and salivate over the classic Numark DJ mixers. I plan on indulging myself one of hese days. I don’t have to be the star of a radio or dance floor to live the dream.

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