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Posted on November 28, 2013 3:00 pm under General
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Last year, Miss Muffin got a laptop for Christmas.  Her ancient desktop was having trouble running some of her homeschool software and it was useless, of course, if we needed her to do schoolwork, when we were not at home.  Sometimes we would let her use our laptops, but since we both use our computers a lot, it wasn't a great solution. 

Her delight on Christmas morning was heartwarming, although we suspected it had more to do with gaming apps and social media than homeschooling.  Perhaps, we told each other hopefully, that would inspire her to take good care of it.  Suffice it to say that a ten year old's definition of good care is far different than ours.  It has survived the last year despite a couple of close calls with spilt beverages and a drop from her loft bed.  It's not without scars, however.  The keyboard has lost some keys and doesn't always type the ones that are still intact. She won't be getting a new laptop this year, but we have been checking out new keyboards.  After our two local computer stores failed to come up with the right model, we've started looking online.   

YourLaptopParts ( may be just what we've been looking for.  They have a large inventory of laptop and notebook parts for just about every brand you can think of.  Although Muffin's laptop is relatively new, they also carry parts for older models that can be even more difficult to find.   I thought the prices were quite reasonable and so is the shipping charge.  You'll pay a bit more, if you need next day delivery, but if you're like me, it's money well spent, if you're computer won't function without it,

Got a laptop or notebook that's languishing for lack of parts?  Why not give YourLaptopParts a try?  Their easy search features will have you locating adaptors, batteries, drives and a whole host of accessories in a matter of seconds.  Bet you'll be glad you did.


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