Posted on December 26, 2013 10:18 pm under General

I don’t recommend moving at Christmas time. It’s not much fun the rest of the year, but a holiday move has got to be high on the stress level list. On the other hand, it’s probably no worse than trying to celebrate the holidays, knowing that you need to move and don’t have a place to go to. In the end, I’m glad we bit the bullet and completed the move before Christmas.

We finished clearing our old residence on Friday night, but the speed of the move meant our packing was less than organized. Exhausted, we slumped in our recliners and had a dinner of chips and dips. We rallied on Saturday morning and began finding essential items – coffee was first on the list. We managed to clear a space in the living room for a Christmas tree, although the lights were MIA. Calico finally gave up looking and bought some more. I got online and ordered a Wacom drawing tablet for Miss Muffin with promised delivery of Monday – for an extra shipping fee, of course. We spent the days before Christmas alternating between trying to fit our furniture into the house, unpacking random boxes and collapsing for a few short minutes before tackling the next project. Calico found cheap Denon DJ mixers at Musicians Friend, while taking a break. Knowing that I keep looking at mixers, she tried to tell me about it, but my only response was a resounding snore!

I can’t claim that we’re settled in, but we certainly have made progress. Our living room actually looked comfy and festive by Christmas Eve, although photos also caught a ton of unpacked boxes in the kitchen. We had a happy and relaxing day anyway. We’re trying to take things a day at a time. We have a home and we have each other. Who could ask for more?

2 Responses to “Unsettled”

  1. Kay L. Davies Says:

    Oh, wow, moving at Christmas! But you’re so right, you have one another and that’s more than many people have: a wonderful mother, daughter and granddaughter.
    Wishing you peace and happiness for the rest of the holiday season and in the new year.

  2. Jim Says:

    Like the old song, “You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille.” You move seemed to be at a very wrong time. I hope this home will be a nice one and you can remain settled and happy longer.