Not By The Book

Posted on January 27, 2014 10:53 am under General
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Miss Muffin will begin guitar lessons next month. She has a kid size guitar that has seen better days, but we still hear her trying to play it from time to time. It’s the one instrument that she keeps coming back to. Although she learns well on her own and generally prefers this method over verbal instruction, the guitar has been the exception to the rule. Neither videos nor instruction books have worked for her. Calico and I have no idea how to play a guitar, so we’ve decided it’s time to get some help.

A local music store advertises very reasonably priced lessons. We’re planning a visit to them in the coming week to learn more and check out another guitar for her. One of Calico’s classmates said he’d found affordable Kramer bass guitars, but he is an experienced guitarist. I think we need some hand holding to find the right instrument for our girl and our pocketbook. I’ll keep you posted.

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