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Posted on June 16, 2014 10:00 pm under General
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One of my cousins recently vacationed in Paris and Rome.  He posted tons of great photos on Facebook and I looked forward to each day's additions.  I didn't want to replace this virtual vacation with the real thing, however.  For this homebody and nature lover, camping in the woods is my idea of the perfect vacation and those woods had better be just a short drive from home.

That's not for everyone.   I have plenty of friends who want a vacation with luxurious accomodations in exotic locations.  In the 80's, one of my friends honeymooned in Cancun and loved it so much that she and her husband invested in a timeshare.  It seemed a bit pricey, but she pointed out that it would be paid for in five years and then they would  have years of free vacations to look forward to.  I knew nothing about timeshares, but it sounded good.

Things went according to their plans for many years until they decided to part ways.  As they went through the process of splitting their belongings, I was surprised to learn that neither wanted the timeshare.  Turns out that timeshare expenses extend far beyond the purchase price.  There were substantial yearly fees that had to be paid, whether or not they used the condo.    What had been affordable on two incomes would be a financial strain for one.  Besides, who wants to spend their vacation reliving the memories of a now defunct marriage?

It took my friend  several years to sell the timeshare.  A couple of imes, she was able to rent it out to acquaintances, but most of the time, she paid for a vacation she never took.  It's a shame that she didn't know about Groupwise Inc., a business that has been relieving timeshare owners of those pesky annual fees for almost twenty years.  It sure would have saved her a lot of hassle and expense.

If your  timeshare ownership has lost its charm, why not check out what  Groupwise Inc. can do for you.  Let GWTimeshare Services free you from unwanted expenses.  Then join me by a campfire and listen to the sweet sounds of nature.

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