Vehicular Arguments

Posted on July 17, 2014 3:33 pm under General
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Our thirteen year old Buick is still going strong. In the north, rust would have taken its toll by now, but here in the south, the car still looks good and has only required a few minor repairs. Still, I know that sooner or later, we will reach the point where the cost and frequency of repairs will signal the need for a new vehicle. '

It’s a good thing that the purchase isn’t imminent, because we are far from achieving a family consensus. Calico is all about fuel economy and favors one of those tiny subcompacts. While I’m all for economy, my arthritic joints scream at the thought of folding themselves into something that tiny. It doesn’t have to be fancy and I’d certainly look for something with good mileage, but a sedan style is more my speed. Enter Miss Muffin, who thinks a van would be perfect for hauling band equipment. I pointed out that she only has a guitar and doesn’t belong to a band. She nodded and remarked “Not yet.”

I should have seen that coming. After her interest flitted like a musical butterfly from instrument to instrument, six months ago she finally settled on a guitar. After a bit of a shaky start, she is showing signs of promise. Her instructor is particularly impressed with her rhythm and chord transitions. Her fingers still need to get stronger. That takes time, but he has given her exercises to help and her progress is quite noticeable. Last week, he had her begin writing her own song. So it’s not too hard to envision her joining a band in the not too distant future.

I thought about all of my musician friends and every one of them had a van or SUV to haul their equipment. Sure, they might have been able to fit a guitar in a smaller vehicle, but it takes something bigger to handle mobile PA’s, microphones, mixers and all the other equipment needed for their gigs.

It’s hard to think about our girl being old enough to play in a band or drive any vehicle at all. She celebrated her twelfth birthday last week and it all seems a bit farfetched. Then I remember how quickly those first twelve years have passed. Perhaps there is a van in our future.

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