How Secure Is Your Email?

Posted on August 20, 2014 3:33 pm under General
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I’ve been on the internet since the early nineties. Back then, I didn’t hear much talk about hackers or security issues. My epiphany came early on, when I did an online search for a craft item and received links to someone else’s email messages. The emails contained a discussion of possible wedding favors; nothing likely to be a security issue for the senders. It did make me think long and hard about the security of anything that is transmitted via email.

It’s been a long time since a simple search led me to anyone’s private email messages, but email is far from secure. Even emails sent through an encryption process are vulnerable, since they go through third party SMTP servers. Hackers can insert a virus into these servers or even insert their own server into your email’s path. Once they have the messages, they can take all the time they need to decrypt them. That’s frightening, particularly if you send any personal or sensitive information through email.

About the time I found myself looking at someone else’s email, a company named Madison Corporation was formed. Their Private Email Services (PES) group got its start three years later. Until recently, PES has been focused on corporate clients. Now, it has expanded to provide secure mail services to individuals through its new product, Currently, the secure messaging is only available between’s subscribers. Testing is underway to include recipients, who are not subscribers and is scheduled to become available next year along with other products including mobile applications, military to family communications, business portals and healthcare/HIPAA portals

Remember Mission Impossible? This system is a bit like that. Auto destructing electronic messages (minus all the smoke and drama!) insure that all emails are permanently destroyed after a 24-hour period. This even includes message logs and attachments. Because it works independently of any email service, you can continue to use your current email address with this product.

If you would like to be confident that your email is secure, you should check out opportunities to become an alpha or beta tester for Visit the site to learn more about the service and how you can become a part of it.

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