Arthur Falcone Wows My Grandaughter

Posted on October 1, 2014 3:43 pm under General
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My grandaughter is at that “whatever” age, where it’s just not cool to act excited, even if you really like something.   Outright enthusiasm is rare, so I always love it when something gets her so excited that she drops that blasé facade.   It happened last night.  

After six months of lessons, our aspiring guitarist has gone from zero confidence to an “I’m a rock star” mentality.  I thought I’d introduce a bit of reality, so I intentionally left my headphones unplugged as I listened to a guitar solo by Arthur Falcone.  She walked by me, stopped, and then her  jaw dropped.  Literally.   She stood there listening raptly and watching his fingers fly over his instrument.  When the solo ended, she stood quietly for a minute.  Then, she screamed “Awesome!”.   

If you’ve never listened to Falcone, you owe it to your ears to check out his music.  Arthur Falcone, an Italian musician, has been practicing his art since the age of seventeen and earned his first solo record contract in 1998.  I appreciate his skill and his versatile style.  Even when I like a musician, I can find it hard to listen to an entire album, when each song sounds like the previous one.  Falcone’s masterful fingers can rock hard one minute, then lift you up with a sweet ballad the next.  I don’t think I’d ever zone out, while listening to his music and, from the looks of things, neither would my granddaughter.   Visit his site and search for “epic solo”, if you’d like to listen to the solo that banished “whatever” from her vocabulary.

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