A Bit Buggy

Posted on July 8, 2015 4:34 pm under General
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I’m no entomologist. I’m not fond of insects, despite any propoganda about their beneficial aspects. I used to think that lady bugs were rather cute. That’s until I saw the entire backside of my house covered in them. No matter how quickly we opened and shut the doors, they managed to make it inside. They settled at the top of the cathedral ceiling in our living room, knowing we’d never reach them up there. They’d wait until we were immersed in a good TV show, before making their final swan dives onto our unsuspecting heads.

The ladybugs are welcome guests in comparison to fleas we’ve seen this year. The vet said it was a bad year for fleas. Not so. They were obviously thriving. Even people without pets complained about them. A border collie and four cats compounded an already bad situation. Despite pricey flea medications, regular bathing and heavy duty insecticides, those pesky things managed to increase their number. Finally, a friend suggested sprinkling diatomaceous earth throughout the house. We were desperate enough to give it a try. The good news? Within an hour, we were sweeping dead fleas off the floor. The bad news? Three weeks later, we are still cleaning the powdery residue of the diatomaceous earth. Although we only sprinkled a light coat on the floor, it is everywhere. Ten minutes after vacuuming, the floors look dusty again. Even a wet mop failed to remove it. Not content with covering out floors, the stuff has settled on every flat surface as well.

Maybe it’s time to call in some professional cleaners. An old friend in North Carolina raves about The Other Woman house cleaning
services. A shame that’s not in our area. I’d love to give this mess to any other woman or guy, who could get rid of the stuff that got rid of the fleas.

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