Esentials Cover Novel In Progress

Elaine Daniels, a homemaker in an affluent neighborhood, faces rapid lifestyle changes when her husband dies and their investments disappear. As her life disintegrates, she begins to uncover secrets about her husband's past.


“You’ll have to take care of yourself now, boy. You’re old enough to do that. I’m a man and I’ve got work to do. Your job’s taking care of yourself and the house. You’ve always been a little fag, hanging on your Mama’s apron strings and playing house with her. Now you can do it for real.”

He reached out and snatched Teddy before James knew what was happening.

“You're five now. It’s time you grew up. Time you stopped playing with little girl toys.”

James watched in terror as Pa took his jackknife and slit Teddy's back. He walked to the trash can and shook out the stuffing. Teddy’s flattened remains followed.

“I don’t know where you’re always disappearing, but now would be a good time to do it. I’m tired and I need a little peace and quiet.”

James returned to his room. He shouldn’t go to his safe spot while Pa might be watching. He slipped into the tiny closet and crouched on the floor, praying that Pa wouldn’t follow. He awoke to darkness and the sound of Pa’s snores. He tiptoed to the kitchen and retrieved his bear. The stuffing had filtered through the trash. It couldn’t be saved. After Pa went to work tomorrow, he would use Mama’s sewing things and find a way to fix Teddy. Maybe he should put his bear in the safe spot, where Pa couldn’t find him. No, it was too lonely out there and Teddy didn’t like bugs. He carried Teddy to bed, hugging him close beneath the covers where Pa wouldn’t see.

Come back for me and Teddy soon, Mama. Please come back soon.